What if my current career has nothing to do with travel?

Most people buy this guide specifically because their career has nothing to do with the travel industry. This eBook will teach you everything you need to become an expert on the travel industry and apply the skills you do have to take your career in an exciting, new direction.

What if I've never actually traveled anywhere?

Now is the time to start! With the information in this book you will know exactly where to start and where you can take some risks to kick off a career in travel.

What if I don't find this eBook useful?

Just let me know you are not satisfied within 60 days and I will be happy to refund you. I stand behind my product and want to help you however I can. If you are not satisfied, neither am I.

Derek "Earl" Baron, Travel Blogger

"This is the only guide I know of that offers such thorough insight into the tourism industry, while, more importantly, providing the kind of insider information that will help you find and apply for your "dream" job. There really are endless opportunities to work in this field and this material is the key that will unlock more doors than you could ever imagine."


Long before I worked in the travel industry, I was a traveler. I've been lucky enough to explore 65 different countries on all six inhabited continents and have had the chance to both live and work around the world for most of my professional career. I've worked on major international projects in Australia, China, France and South Africa and I continue to circle the globe several times each year. I share many of my travel experiences on Style Hi Club.

Professionally, I oversee all marketing and communications for a major international tourism board as well as sit on various travel related boards. Every day I remind myself how lucky I am to have had the opportunity to combine my love of travel with my career. The travel industry is complicated, and as a way of giving back, I want to help others to have the same opportunities by becoming knowledgeable, informed and able to identify possibilities otherwise unknown.